No one should spend Christmas day alone

2018 will be the 19th year of the Kinship At Christmas Foundation. That’s quite an achievement.

Formed by Brian & Liz Edmonds in 1999, Kinship At Christmas has served over 6,500 Christmas Day lunches over the years. With its first few years at Katoomba, and a few years at Windsor too, Kinship At Christmas 2018 will be held at the Blackheath Community Centre AND at the Blaxland Community Centre – our second Blue Mountains venue.

Kinship At Christmas relies upon the generosity of many volunteers, and also local and statewide businesses and organisations and individuals.

The great thing about Kinship At Christmas is that its doors are open for everyone – young, old, locals, visitors – everyone is welcome. It’s also free – no cost – and no strings, we are a very small, one-purpose charity that is not affiliated with any religious or other organisation.

So, if you know anyone who would otherwise spend Christmas Day alone or you want to volunteer, or even if you want to get away from your relatives for a few hours, come on up to Blackheath and enjoy good company and good food and participate in the spirit of Christmas.